The D.B. Cooper Investigation

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FYI: Our hunt wasn’t the stereotypical old guys chasing an old guy. It was a 40-member national task force of volunteers — from working millennials to retired octogenarians — with criminal justice, military, forensic, academic, legal and investigative backgrounds. The mission: to use their 1500 years of experience to reverse-engineer a legend, one dead end at a time. And sadly, the long road to the truth ended at the FBI’s doorstep. See the “Time-Line” link on the homepage for the stunning details and evidence. TJC

TESTIMONIALS — Regarding the Team and Investigative Book

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  1. I recorded the show and watched it last night. One thing that reached out and slapped me in the face was the name of the Baron . I’m going to go out on a limb her and tell you what I heard in his name. Normandy Winters. Who is Winters one of the founding officers of Airborne. Easy Company 501. WW2. Band of Brothers. It’s my option and you know what they say about those that would be a easy alibi for somebody who’s been through Ranger jump school and knows the history. I would suggest looking deeper into that person who was using it and appeared and then disappear just as fast. If you can come to that name as Major Winters as I heard it every time they said it on the show. Then look into the Army’s Jump school personal as the Baron. Just my thoughts and options.