Attention, Documentary & Movie Makers: 

In 2018, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) records and four retired military brass (baring damning fed memos) definitively proved Rackstraw was the hijacker. And after our February press event in front of FBI Headquarters, Hollywood producers, talent agents and managers went directly after our daredevil’s rights.

Top production companies, studios and streaming services quietly flew up the San Diegan by private jet. Tinseltown tipsters alerted me, but I’d been long prepared for such an end-run – thanks to the cold case team’s eight lawyers, former US attorneys and judges.

All of the story negotiations failed because: 1) Rackstraw was the polar-opposite of the folk hero many had imagined; 2) all the case progress and evidence since his 1979 “clearing” are firmly copyrighted in my bullet-proof book – including his escape, chute recovery, coded letters and CIA history; and 3) because he had traded an FBI prison cell for spy work, authorities have warned him he’d go to jail if he claimed his fame.

The Industry can’t rely on public record either – all the 80 original articles and TV stories (most on this website) can be traced directly back to my media-release emails. And during my surprise 2013 walk-up in his hometown, the cordial Rackstraw twice admitted, regarding the details 47 years ago: “I don’t remember a lot of it.

He was one of the first readers to buy our book (Amazon 7/26/16 record available). His review: “Full of unsubstantiated accusations and innuendos by the writers trying to sensationalize with consistently negative comments about their target with nothing but unearned credits given to themselves. Wish they would go after Hillary and Obama in the same ruthless manner.”

My wife and I spent years of our time, energy and money to own this amazing piece of history. We’re more than happy to share it with a production partner, but only one that gives us the respect we deserve.