Court-ordered case records and four retired military brass (with confirming memos) collectively conclude that Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. is the missing hijacker. But before the mike hit the ground at our February 2018 press announcement at FBI Headquarters, the Hollywood race was on for the daredevil’s rights.

Tinseltown tipsters told the cold case team the San Diegan was flown up by private jet for a quiet meet-and-greet involving talent agents, leading producers, studios and streamers. My wife and I, however, were fully prepared for this end-run.

Their negotiations with Rackstraw failed because: 1) he was the dark polar-opposite of the folk hero many had imagined; 2) all the new case details and evidence have been copyrighted in our bullet-proof book – including his getaway with the help of crime partners, the parachute recovery, Army-coded letters and his CIA history; and finally, 3) when he traded an FBI prison cell for years of black ops work, authorities warned him he’d be re-incarcerated if he ever went public.

The Industry should also know that Rackstraw’s memory of the jump is now, ironically, cloudy. During a private 2013 approach and sit-down in his hometown, the cordial suspect twice admitted to me (on surveillance team’s tape): “The problem is, I don’t remember a lot of it.”

We believe that’s why, with our book release in 2016, “Bob” was one of the first orders on Amazon. Here’s his wacky review: “Full of unsubstantiated accusations and innuendos by the writers trying to sensationalize with consistently negative comments about their target with nothing but unearned credits given to themselves. Wish they would go after Hillary and Obama in the same ruthless manner.”

Dawna and I spent years of our time and money to organize the hunt and document this man’s incredible true story — our 21st discovery to reach the big and small screens ( But there isn’t a race to make history here; we’re patiently seeking a production partner that shows us the respect we deserve. No jet ride necessary, of course!  TJC