For details on Cooper’s escape, Rackstraw’s secret Army-coded messages, his CIA Black Ops history, and the ongoing FBI cover-up, CLICK on these media releases:

*9/11/17 Release: Two senior FBI agents on the 1980 Cooper-cash recovery operation along the Columbia River now want Rackstraw re-investigated

*11/19/17 Release: Written “evidence” of D.B. Cooper’s clean getaway, held by the FBI for 46 years, is released through a judge’s order

*1/4/18 Release: Sleuths crack Army-coded message in 5th hijacker letter, identify D.B. Cooper

*2/1/18 Release: Army code links Rackstraw to all 5 Cooper letters and CIA Black Ops

*6/28/18 Release: In an unexpected 6th Army-coded letter, the FBI-“cleared” Rackstraw admits to being D.B. Cooper!

**See the unmasked Army-coded messages in letters 1-5  


DB Cooper Postal Trail Map


Rackstraw’s Vietnam commander, retired LTC Ken Overturf (4/25/18): “With the ‘Basic Cryptography’ Army manual now in my possession, we have doctrinal validation of the process that (code-cracker) Rick Sherwood used to decipher all of these messages. In addition, DoD records show Rackstraw learned this coding process at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in a Special Warfare Operations Course in 1968.