Press Release: Cold Case Team Gets D.B. Cooper’s FBI File

Six-month FOIA suit opens unsolved hijack records, but Bureau seals key folder -- involving team's living target      1/31/17 PRESS RELEASE (Washington, D.C.): After a half-year of legal actions by a...
Rackstraw prison

D.B. Cooper investigation focuses on an ‘off-the-books genius’ from Santa Cruz

By Stephen Baxter, Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/11/16, 6:24 PM PDT A group of retired FBI investigators have linked a former local native to a 1971 plane hijacking case that has flummoxed...

Investigators: Cooper documents confirm suspect, FBI deception

  Seattle Post-Intelligencer; by Daniel DeMay, Nov. 19, 2017 It's the case that won't go away. The only unsolved skyjacking in U.S. history remains unsolved. But a small army of private investigators is...

D.B. Cooper’s California Connection – Robert Rackstraw

Key evidence found by Cold Case Team: "D.B. Cooper a "SHUT AND OPEN CASE" KOVR (CBS/Sacramento, CA); Adrienne Moore 7/18/16 (3 minutes)

Cold case leader on D.B. Cooper: “We have the man”

COURTHOUSE NEWS SERVICE;  by Britain Eakin;  February 9, 2018; WASHINGTON, D.C. – A group of private investigators says they have definitively identified the living daredevil who hijacked a commercial plane in 1971...
DB Cooper Podcast - Robert W. Rackstraw

DB Cooper Case – Generation Why Podcast

  D.B. Cooper - Generation Why Podcast 2/15/17 (90 minutes)

Loot/Chute Burial Sites

MOVIE MAKERS, TRUE-CRIME READERS & COOPER-CASE FANS: 2019 Update Court-released FBI records and four retired military commanders (with damning documents) collectively conclude that Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. is the missing...
DB Cooper Investigation - Russ and Kristy Cooper at airstripvideo

Oregon couple on long D.B. Cooper quest gets FBI’s attention

FOX NEWS, August 21, 2017 The FBI has reportedly accepted new potential evidence that may be linked to a closed case that has stumped investigators for decades. The New York Daily News revealed Sunday...
Pete Roscoe - DB Cooper in Corvallis

Astorian’s Long Quest for the Truth

He saw more than a con-man For four months in late 1971, a vacationing “Swiss baron” pilot, Norman de Winter, charmed his way through two Oregon communities while grifting thousands...
Handwriting Comparison DB Cooper, Robert W. Rackstraw, The Last Master Outlaw

A new Stockton angle on D.B. Cooper?

By Michael Fitzgerald Record columnist Posted Jul. 23, 2016 at 3:12 PM Legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper is looking more and more like a man with Stockton ties, thanks to new evidence that...