Why the FBI didn’t nail D.B. Cooper

STOCKTON RECORD; By Michael Fitzgerald; Monday, July 02, 2018; In 2016, a jaw-dropping History Channel program made a convincing case that legendary skyjacker D.B. Cooper was a retired University of...

Loot/Chute Burial Sites

MOVIE MAKERS, TRUE-CRIME READERS & "COOPERITES": 2019 UPDATE Court-released FBI records, along with supporting documents from retired military-intel commanders, collectively conclude the missing ’71 hijacker was Robert W. Rackstraw Sr....

A no-bones letter to FBI Director

UPDATE: Attorney Zaid's status-report deadline of November 13, 2017, came and went without an FBI response. With the prodding of the Colberts' local congresswoman, the Bureau finally responded on January...
Rick Sherwood DB Cooper Codevideo

Hoosier says he broke Cooper’s secret code, then shows us how

INDIANAPOLIS STAR, Article #1; By Tim Evans; August 8, 2018;  Wheatfield, Ind. — It was the incongruous string of numbers in a December 11, 1971 letter that first attracted Rick...
Linda Loduca Video frame - from Kid to D.B. Cooper 4video

Exclusive Interview – Rackstraw’s Sister: From Kid to Cooper

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DB Cooper - Evidence found by Marine

DB Cooper: Uncovered ‘evidence’ and alleged crime-partner names now with FBI

Fox News, August 14, 2017; by Inv. Reporter Robert Gearty Retired FBI agent studies vet-jumper's find. Forensic scientist directs a burn test, but the piece doesn't light or drip. To...
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Lead FBI agents on 1980 river dig want Rackstraw reconsidered

          Seattle Post-Intelligencer, by Daniel DeMay; Sept. 13, 2017 A new theory about what happened to the mysterious D.B. Cooper has gained attention and perhaps some credence in recent weeks, as...

“Bombshell development” about infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper

CBS NEWS-KOVR/Sacramento, CA; Rep. Steve Large; Feb. 2, 2018; It's a stunning update in a 46-year-old cold case mystery. A commercial airplane hijacker escaped with a daring parachute jump in...

D.B. Cooper’s California Connection – Robert Rackstraw

Key evidence found by Cold Case Team: "D.B. Cooper a "SHUT AND OPEN CASE" KOVR (CBS/Sacramento, CA); Adrienne Moore 7/18/16 (3 minutes)