Wife #2, Linda McGarity (1974-76)
Rackstraw with Step Family (1974)

I was disappointed in the History Channel ending, so I picked up the book, The Last Master Outlaw. It was easy to read and hard to put down — I raced through six chapters in one day.

I could relate to some of the experiences because I was married to Bob [Rackstraw] for two years in the 1970s. He seemed to be really busy, traveling to different jobs. I thought I knew my ex-husband, but after reading this book, I realize there was a lot more to learn.

I now think there’s a good likelihood he was D.B. Cooper. I believe it because of all the evidence and the little things from way back that make me go, “Oh, yeah.” The pieces just sort of come together.

Thank you, Tom Colbert, for your dedication and drive to get to the truth.

Linda McGarity


  1. I enjoyed watching the History Channel segment detailing your investigation into the D.B. Cooper case. The case has always fascinated me. I realize that your entire investigation can not be brought up in the show, but I was wondering if you acquired any handwriting by Rackstraw and compared it to the notes left on the plane? I would think there would be ways of acquiring samples of his writing (old military records, bill of sale, divorce papers, old letters, or something else that might even be in public records) and have a hand writer analyist compare them. Another question I have is that couldn’t the DNA from the cigarette butts of D.B. Cooper be compared to his DNA of Rackstraw? The show suggested the DNA on the cigarette butts was contaminated, but I would think there would still be microscopic bits of evidence (even if the court would throw it out) that match? At least you would then know for certain that Rackstraw and D.B Cooper are one and the same.