DB Cooper FBI sketch #2 - The Last Master Outlaw
FBI’s “Sketch B” (1971)
Robert Rackstraw Military ID
His last Army I.D. (1970)
Under Surveillance (2013)

DBCooper.com documents the relentless investigation surrounding Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. — an acclaimed Vietnam pilot, explosives expert, paratrooper, 4-time felon and a former suspect in the hijacking.

For 7 years (2011-18), a volunteer cold case team led by retired FBI tracked his trail through 5 countries, where he utilized 22 fake identities while engaging in 6 careers and raising 3 families. The Special Forces-trained veteran escaped not once, but 3 times by plane and once by river. More than 100 pieces of recovered evidence — from letter trails, DNA, the buried parachute, cracked Army-coded messages, to testimony from his women and former crime partners — all of it firmly pointed back at the mysterious Rackstraw.

Through our website updates (See homepage’s latest articles and the “Time-Line” link), court rulings, and the team’s award-winning narrative, The Last Master Outlaw, the public can learn the truth about Rackstraw, AKA “D.B. Cooper” — including the orchestrated cover-up of his double-life with the CIA.

The team was assembled by producer and author Thomas J. Colbert, along with his partner-wife, Dawna — an inspiring character from one of his earliest true stories.


People have asked why we dedicated 7 years to a crime case that happened when we were tweens. The truth is we didn’t plan to go beyond our usual 2-to-3 year documentary timetable; you can thank the FBI for that.

When the Comey Administration abruptly broke our 2016 collaboration agreement, refused to accept the strong evidence and flat-out lied about it all on national TV, we had no choice but to expose the culpability of the FBI’s senior executive staff. Their later forced departure and the subsequent launch of a DOJ criminal investigation validated our actions.

My six siblings and I were taught that no cost is too high in pursuit of the truth. I practiced it as a CBS newsman, Paramount story editor and law enforcement trainer. Conversely, my wife’s unflappable resolve comes from solving her own family crime.

Dawna and I would like to express our deep gratitude to the good-hearted souls who have insisted on financially contributing to this fight for justice. Thank you for helping reinforce that message to our children.


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