DB Cooper FBI sketch #2 - The Last Master Outlaw
FBI’s Cooper Sketch #2
Robert Rackstraw Military ID
Rackstraw’s Army I.D. (1970)
Surveillance (2013)






DBCooper.com documents the six-year investigation (2011-2017) surrounding Robert W. Rackstraw Sr., a Vietnam pilot and paratrooper, explosives expert, four-time felon, and former FBI hijacking suspect that many believe was wrongly cleared.

A 40-member cold case team — 13 being former Bureau agents — has methodically tracked Rackstraw’s trail through five countries (including 21 American states), where he utilized more than 20 fake identities while engaging in six careers and raising three families. And in between, he escaped not once, but three times by plane and once by river.

More than 100 pieces of evidence, including forensics and testimony from estranged relatives, all point back at Rackstraw. But the 1971 D.B. Cooper file was closed the week before the team was scheduled to present its materials to the FBI — which stated, after more than four decades, it feared such a circumstantial case.

Through the courts, the news media, and the release of the award-winning book, The Last Master Outlaw, the Bureau is now being pressured to reconsider its controversial action.

The cold case team was assembled by former law enforcement trainer, media exec and author Thomas J. Colbert and his wife, Dawna — a hero in one of his earliest crime stories. This is their 21st true tale for the big and small screen. For more on Tom’s career and coming projects, please go to www.TJCConsulting.biz.

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