DB Cooper FBI sketch #2 - The Last Master Outlaw
FBI’s “Sketch B” (1971)
Robert Rackstraw Military ID
His last Army I.D. (1970)
Under Surveillance (2013)

DBCooper.com documents the relentless investigation surrounding Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. — an acclaimed Vietnam pilot, explosives expert, paratrooper, 4-time felon and a former suspect in the hijacking.

For 7 years (2011-18), a volunteer cold case team led by retired FBI tracked his trail through 5 countries, where he utilized 22 fake identities while engaging in 6 careers and raising 3 families. The Special Forces-trained veteran escaped not once, but 3 times by plane and once by river. More than 100 pieces of recovered evidence — from letter trails, DNA, the buried parachute, cracked Army-coded messages, to testimony from his women and former crime partners — all of it firmly pointed back at the mysterious Rackstraw.

Through our website updates (See homepage’s latest articles and the “Time-Line” link), court rulings, and the team’s award-winning narrative, The Last Master Outlaw, the public can learn the truth about Rackstraw, AKA “D.B. Cooper” — including the orchestrated cover-up of his double-life with the CIA.

The Case Breakers team was assembled by producer and author Thomas J. Colbert, along with his partner-wife, Dawna — an inspiring character from one of his earliest true stories.

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