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The FBI Evidentiary Cover-Up: Twelve Incidents (For 3-page summary, click here)

Rackstraw’s 31 Earned Criminal Titles in the 1970s:

Wife-beater, drunkard, burglar, check-forger, plane thief, adulterer, poacher, drug-runner, identity thief, dead-beat dad, grifter, check-kiter, dynamite thief, explosives merchant, car thief, union buster, Army poser, gunrunner, gangster, weapons thief, con man, military-vehicle thief, vigilante, terrorist, violent sociopath, vandal, tax-dodger, DUI driver, bulldozer thief, convicted felon and, family members say, a cold-blooded killer who executed his own stepdad – the man who hid him for more than a year after the hijacking.

For detailed article on Cooper’s escape by small plane, click this link:

DBC–Escape Evidence: 4-Page Research Article from L.A. Times, 12/3/71






Click on links to view FBI documents below:

1) FBI “Declarations of Proof” revealing interest in Rackstraw (as late as 10/17/15)

2a) FBI “John Doe Indictment” Planning (2/25/76)

2b) FBI “John Doe Indictment” (11/24/76)

3) FBI “News Release on Columbia River Cooper Cash Discovery” (2/12/80)

4) “Low-Flying Jet, then Witness Spots a Well-Dressed Man Walking” (12/8/76 & 1/17/77)

5) “Lab Results to J. Edgar Hoover — DB Cooper Letter #1 vs. Zodiac’s Letter” (12/7/71)

6) “Lab Results to J. Edgar Hoover — Airline Ticket” (12/15/71)

DB Cooper Evidence

Robert W. Rackstraw Military Records








Robert Rackstraw - DB Cooper Case

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/17/70

Stockton Record, 2/3/79 — Cops Discover “Rackstraw-Cooper Link” (3 pages)

Court-Documented Lies

D.B. Cooper Headlines

Stockton Record7/6/78 — Rackstraw Interview #1 (PDF, 2 pages) – click link below:

11-Article-RWR StRec Interview1, 7-6-78

Stockton Record, 2/6/79 — Rackstraw Interview #2 (PDF, 4 pages) – click link below:

12-Article-RWR StRec Interview2, 2-6-79