Man believed to be notorious fugitive D.B. Cooper has died

FOX NEWS (Video package); By Louis Casiano & Johnathan Hunt; 7/10/19

Coast to Coast radio christened him the unsolved case’s “prime suspect.” Rolling Stone wrote he was the “most viable” hijack candidate. But the man who many thought was the legendary 1971 daredevil has just quietly died of natural causes.

Robert W. Rackstraw Sr. was found dead by his wife in their Banker’s Hill condominium on Tuesday, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. He was 75.

An Army veteran pilot, paratrooper and explosives expert who led a life of danger, Rackstraw was often a target for amateur “Cooperite” sleuths who suspected he was the legendary outlaw who jumped from a plane and vanished over Washington State with $200,000 in stolen cash.

He was featured in filmmaker Thomas J. Colbert’s 2016 History Channel documentary, “D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?” The exec producer and his cold case team, led by former FBI agents, concluded Rackstraw was their man. His life story and the seven-year hunt are also featured in the book The Last Master Outlaw, winner of three national awards for true crime.