The D.B. Cooper Documentary vs. The Last Master Outlaw – 

When Henry Ford was informed that Lindbergh had just flown the first ever trans-atlantic solo flight, he supposedly responded that it was no surprise – the surprise would be if a committee managed the feat. Well, looks like the History Channel got themselves a committee and flew this story into the ground. A two night long dizzying spiral into the hands of the FBI. Sometimes hard to tell the difference between co-operation and collusion.

The History Channel whetted my appetite and then burned dinner. They took a great story and hobbled it. Instead of chafing at the bit to learn more, to peel the damn onion, I felt betrayed, demeaned even of my own curiosities about DB Cooper.

But the book. Colbert and Szollosi turn out to be the healing salve. There’s real information in the book, real world hard-nosed investigative journalism, real drama on many levels, and a journey through the thicket with precise and polished story-telling. And as if that weren’t enough, mounds of data.

Buy the book. Get their autographs.

Morrie Ruvinsky – Producer/Writer/Director