Robert Rackstraw - DB Cooper - with Niece Michelle
Robert Rackstraw – DB Cooper – with Niece Michelle

Testimonial for “The Last Master Outlaw” –

I must admit, I was captivated while reading how this man lied, stole, cheated and scammed his way through the 1970s. When he got off on that murder charge though, it made my stomach turn. But I still couldn’t put it down and I’ll never forget those pages, because this “outlaw” is my uncle.

I was just a toddler back then when Mom handed me to her only sibling. She later told me about growing up with him, then the horrible turn he took. I could see in her eyes just how much it hurt her.

Before Mom died, she said she strongly believed Uncle Bob could be D.B. Cooper. After reading The Last Master Outlaw, I believe she was right.

Michelle N. / Rackstraw’s Niece
A footnote: Michelle is one of a dozen Rackstraw relatives
that have been in touch with this investigation.

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