Time-Line: How Sleuths Exposed D.B. Cooper and his FBI Cover-Up

When a former FBI leader declared a cold case team's hijacking evidence against Robert W. Rackstraw to be “a tremendous circumstantial case,” alarm bells went off at Bureau Headquarters....
Linda Loduca Video frame - from Kid to D.B. Cooper 4video

Exclusive Interview – Rackstraw’s Sister: From Kid to Cooper

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Formerly secret FBI files ‘prove’ Rackstraw was the skyjacker

By Kayla Brantley & Luke Kenton / DailyMail.com and Ross Ibbetson / MailOnline; Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019
DB Cooper escape story -Russ & Kristy Cooper - Evidencevideo

Northwest couple learns escape story, directs team to buried find

Story Sources Russ and Kristy Cooper 'Parachute Strap' discovery spot may also hide D.B. Cooper's ransom By James Wilksinson, for DailyMail.com; August 10, 2017 A team of volunteer investigators may have found...

San Diego man accused of being D.B. Cooper: A life ruined or case solved?

Orange County Register, SoCal News Group; by Keith Sharon; 10/6/17 The man in the natty suit smoked a cigarette, ordered a bourbon and soda and carried a bomb in his...

DB Cooper mystery: ‘Potential’ physical evidence uncovered in search

  Thomas Colbert is handed the buried object by a retired FBI supervisor New York Post; by Samual Chamberlain Published August 10, 2017 A crew of volunteer cold-case investigators in the Pacific Northwest,...
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D.B. Cooper: FBI gets more ‘evidence’ and a getaway tale

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, by Daniel M. Demay; August 20, 2017 Just days after a piece of fabric — thought to be from a parachute used by the mysterious hijacker D.B. Cooper...

Loot/Chute Burial Sites

MOVIE MAKERS, TRUE-CRIME READERS & "COOPERITES": 2021 UPDATE Court-released FBI records, along with supporting documents from retired military-intel commanders, collectively conclude the missing ’71 hijacker was Robert W. Rackstraw Sr....
The Last Master Outlaw